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Putney's Place Genealogy

Major Events 1759 - 1910

1759 Capture of Quebec 1773 - Boston Tea Party 1775-81 American War of Independence 1788 Australian penal settlements established 1789 French Revolution 1801 Union with Ireland 1803-15 War against Napoleon 1805 Battle of Trafalgar 1815 Battle of Waterloo 1819 Peterloo massacre 1825 Stockton to Darlington railway, the first regular railway service 1832 Great Reform Bill 1837 Accession of Queen Victoria 1839 Chartist riots 1844 Irish potato famine starts 1846 Repeal of the Corn Laws opens the way for establishment of free trade 1849 Cholera Epidemic 1851 Great Exhibition 1854-56 Crimean War 1858 Indian Mutiny 1861 Death of Albert, the Prince Consort 1867 Dominion of Canada established 1875 Disraeli buy Suez Canal shares (canal opened in 1869) 1876 Victoria proclaimed Empress of India 1882 British forces invade and occupy Egypt 1885 Death of General Gordon at Khartoum 1886 Issue of Home Rule for Ireland splits the Liberal party 1899-1902 Boer War; Britain has now acquired a huge African empire; running from the Cape to Egypt and from West Africa to Kenya 1901 Death of Victoria, accession of Edward VII 1905-15 Reforming Liberal government in power; Liberal landslide in 1906 election 1906 Labour party formed 1910 George V becomes king and emperor
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Revised Date: July 1997